We had a wonderful time again this year with the steak folks for our 2nd annual Real Squeal Steak Cookoff! A BIG THANK YOU to Charles and Tracey Jett for being our reps. Congratulations to the winners and especially to Big Mike on winning his Golden Ticket. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Anything Pecan Ancillary Contest Winners:

1st Place Michael Barczak

2nd Place Tonya Pendray

3rd Place Brian Coleman

Steak Cookoff Winners:

1st Place Kenneth Croft

2nd Place Randy McKnight

3rd Place Lora Haskett

4th Place John Pendray

5th Place Andy Collins

6th Place Andy Clarke

7th Place Brian Coleman

8th Place Mike McElwaney

9th Place Chad Stewart

10th Place Jim Haskett

Golden Ticket Winner Big Mike McElwaney

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